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Quite apart from any other issues, Dragon Age is not set in the real world! Would anyone dare to criticise the inclusion of non-white characters and inter-racial relationships? Isabela, Merrill, Anders, and Fenris can be romanced regardless of your sex.

I was distilling down to one sentence some individual posts in the comments, not all. Sex anime big tits. This makes no sense whatsoever. Please note this article doesn't include any characters from downloadable content or mods. The problem with Isabella is that she is The Ego at work here is clearly damaged and must not be fed. Dragon age 2 lesbian. Surely such a slider has a home in every game? Maybe you can redirect your ire somewhere positive instead of being pissy that for just a second, in a fantasy game setting, something made you feel something akin to something a lot of people get to deal with in settings where they don't even feel like they're sure they can talk out about it without repercussions to things like their livelihoods.

In Dragon Age 2, I felt like most of the companions were designed to appeal to other groups foremost, Anders and Fenris for gays and Aveline for women given the lack of strong women in games, and that for the straight male gamer, a secondary concern. Hey now, don't go around implying I am stupid, that isn't very nice. They could always do smaller gaymes that target to the specific demogayphic of gay gaymers, though.

We need a Kinsey Scale slider in the game options tab link to en. You are joking with the misspelling of his name, right? I usually dont because "waah, I don't like this in my thing, but I can't help but do it" reaaaaallly? Sorry, everybody — please be assured that any offense was due to poor choice of words and a late night.

Wilson You are right. What Happens in Kirkwall Nice, butch, handsome Sten. Myspace nude pics. I think Anders was the only agressive one Fenris was fine to leave me beand that was more due to his personallity in this game, rather than his homosexuality.

Sorry but yes, you are. Think of this as an opportunity to educate. Note that I never asked to remove thisi know some people like it. Fascists, liars, and bigots. Isabella and her giant knockers every females giant knockers, come to think of it.

Consumatopia Oh of course. This isn't even the EDGE of offensive. Of course he'll be upset when you turn him down!

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Which in my opinion that is fine. And people are glad that gamers like you are a minority because you are probably like this outside of games as well. Hot for words naked. Soif you are gay. Why are Christians such an embarrassment? Fascists, liars, and bigots. The response by the writer was great. Dragon age 2 lesbian. Race, in many RPGS, is almost analogous with character class in a way.

Suggested to have option to turn off gay romances in game Didnt get the star treatment though. Try being a better homophobe: This has options and for a semi-linear game, well, you can really craft your Hawke to be how you want them to be. Then we had "Sigh You're certainly expressing your right to speak your mind - the difference is you just want to pretend something doesn't exist because it bothers you that much. Sorry for long post. Naked sexy cartoon characters. I think Bioware Character Creators need some tick boxes: Yeah, I was thinking this as well.

In fact, it disagrees with some quite fundamental doctrines of Catholicism. Tue Mar 29, 6: It makes you uncomfortable. Then you should know Blastback that Anders is jealous, clingy and always smitten with Hawke. There are options for everyone, and reading that guy's forum post, that seems to be his beef; he doesn't like that there are options for everyone. When I first saw a screen shot of Isabella, I thought her face was terrible.

Although in theory, I imagine games set in an otherwise realistic setting where everyone is gay could be off-putting to more than just homophobes. But everyone has something deviant and abnormal about them, and being deviant and abnormal is not a bad thing at all.

You want to be able to sleep with men and women while having a straight or gay character. Ukraine female escorts. This probably has to do with one of her quests where you help her get a new guy her husband dies at the very beginning.

They're so used to being catered to that they see the lack of catering as an imbalance.

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Many spells and abilities worked better or worse on characters of particular alignments. But both should be listed if both are in the game. No one seems to know how to deal with their feelings like adults, but the Kirkwall Crew is there to help one another out regardless, for better or for worse.

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